BitOK: accounting and control of crypto assets by subscription

Bitok is an IT service for controlling, accounting and analyzing digital money or crypto assets using solutions that allow you to see the value of a portfolio in real time, assess blocking and AML risks, process documents and report taxes.
Today, the exchange works with BTC, LTC, DOGE cryptocurrencies. Of the fiat currencies on the service, the US dollar, euro, Russian ruble are represented.

Protect yourself from illicit cryptocurrency with
The exchange provides such options for replenishing and withdrawing funds from an account as a bank transfer, OBT (Skrill), payment systems OKPay, MoneyPolo, Yandex Money and others. In addition to popular payment systems, the codes of the popular Russian-language exchange BTC-E and the Bitok exchange’s own vouchers are available for depositing and withdrawing funds.

According to the information provided by the administration of the exchange, among the clients of the service are users from Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, India, Indonesia and many other countries. The service focuses on both professional traders and ordinary users for whom trading is not a permanent source of income.

How the resource works

The portal provides information about bitcoin. This is a kind of navigator for users who perform operations with a crypto coin. Scan-and-Pay technology, which eliminates signatures, magnetic tapes and PIN-code entries, allows you to make simple payments at the current bitcoin rate using mobile applications.

Also on the official website, fast international transfers are provided, which guarantee complete anonymity and the ability to independently set the amount of commission for making transactions.

Large organizations can make payments in Bitcoin (BTC) without a set limit, PCI standards and additional fees. At the same time, the system guarantees the transparency of transactions and protection against fraud.

On the main page of the site you will find 5 main sections:

  • The «Introduction» section provides information about the site service and blockchain technology.
  • The Resources catalog contains all the most interesting things: Bitcoin communities (online chats, social networks, forums, bitcoin conferences), educational materials, current news, documentaries. Here you can download one of the most popular bitcoin wallets, Bitcoin Core, for free.
  • The «Innovation» section considers Bitcoin as a universal payment system with the highest degree of protection.
  • In the “Participate” tab, the developer offers to join the improvement of the cryptocoin. Support is provided through mining, use and distribution of cryptocoin, meetings with communities.
  • In the FAQ section you will find comprehensive information about cryptocurrencies.